Bicycle saddle bags for lightweight touring

This bag is not just an extraordinary bike bag, it's also a crucial component for lightweight or ultralight bike traveling

Product details of the Bag4Bike saddle bag:

Volume: 7 liters  (1.85 US gal)   Weight: 250 g. (8.8 oz)

Material: “Titan”  Density: 1680D

Basic colors: black or gray

Additional colors: orange, blue, yellow, red, green, light green, lime color.

Free Shipping:  will be shipped within 4 business days, tracking number is available.

Delivery: 15-39 days

Purchase Bag4Bike saddle bag: $59

Bag4Bike saddle bag + Green waterproof cover: $69


If you want to buy such saddle bag, please, select basic and additional colors, and let me know about your decision: dmitry.goncharenko@gmail.com


How one can attach it to the bike?

How one can load the Bag4Bike seat bag?

  • It has to be fully loaded to keep form
  • The heaviest stuff should be closer to sbike saddle pin
  • Load lightweight and volume stuff to your bag, like sleeping bag, sleeping mat, tent
  • Load B4B seat bag with the stuff you need in the end of the day. It’s not a quick access bag
  • Do not load it with too weighty things. B4B seat bag is the best thing that helps you to take care of your tent, sleeping mat and clothes

For what type of bicycle can be used such bag?

  • mountain bike
  • road bike (touring bike)

What other carriers can be used at the same time
with the Bag4Bike seat bag?

Case #1 Backpack and small frame bag


Case #2 Handlebar Bag and big frame bag


The story of making this bag

I like bike touring so much and spend a lot of time cycling, so one day I started to look for a bag for my bike backpack.

You may ask me why I don’t use pannier. So I should say that panniers are not so good and helpful for me because of several reasons:

  • wrong weight balance (rear wheel is overloaded)
  • there is some risk of broken spokes on rear wheel (again because of overloading)
  • a lot of useless and heavy things can be loaded in the big pannier

I’d like to:

  • enjoy dynamic riding
  • enjoy the capabilities on MTB bike
  • ride longer with less efforts

The decision (in my case)

Backpack + Bag4Bike seat bag


If you are avoiding backpacks, an alternative case can be:

Bag4Bike seat bag + frame bag + front bag and it must be also comfortable.

But in my opinion:

  • it looks more elegant :)
  • all your important stuff is in your backpack and always is in safe
  • front bag limits a little bit your visual zone

But I should say that I’ve never tried a front bag, so it’s up to you now.

Ultralight bike touring is not only about proper carriers, it’s also about proper stuff in your carrier: a few “big things”: sleeping pad, tent, sleeping bag, cooking equipment, carriers, clothes.

Read my blog not to miss a detailed article about luggage weight reduction.

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