Cyprus solo bike trip report and useful tips

Date: 4 of December 2016 -18 Dec 2016
Route: around all islands near the seacoast, approximately 850km (530mi)

Weather in December

Cyprus is almost perfect for cycling, but please don’t plan your tour for December like I did. It was a bit colder than I had expected. The temperature reached +20ºC (68ºF) only few times, sometimes it was 12°C (53.6°F).


You will need 11-12 days to drive around the island. I recommend you to take two weeks to have some rest and enjoy the sea.

Left side driving is challenging, start slow, the first few hours are the most dangerous, especially in the city. The good point is that the traffic is measured during the low season.

Cyprus cuisine

You do not need to take a lot of food with you, take some money just to eat at tavern or street food.
Seafood is delicious in the cities and portions are huge. I divided one portion into 2-3 parts to avoid overeating.

Cyprus sea food

roasted fish on Cyprus


In most cases hotels are almost empty on November-December​, so you don’t need to reserve a room beforehand. Just look around for some hotel. Do not afraid of asking for a discount (it can reach up to 30%, this is not a high season).

I have used my Garmin Dakota 20 to find hotels (despite of its outdated database).

Do not stop in the hotels for Russians, the ghost of the Souviet Union is still there. It will come to you in the night in the mask of Karl Marks. It is easy to define such hotels – there are dozens of announces on the wall which forbid something like that “forbidden to… Please do not … ”




It is convenient to do some work while you are travelling. I took a very small laptop and used it in every place to manage my digital marketing agency. So if you are a kind of “digital nomad” or moreover – cycling digital nomad, Cyprus is totally the friendly place for you. Please pay attention that – there is no way to develop business or learn enough during the trip, but there is enough time to manage it (and even managing was quite extreme).

Key equipment

Frame bag (custom, special for my frame)

Bag4Bike saddle bag

Lightweight tent (for 2 persons, 1.45 kg),

Light slipping bag (1.3 kg),

Garmin Dakota 20 GPS navigator,

25liters Deuter Backpack,

Slipping pad:  Klymit Inertia O Zone (0.8 pounds) .

my bike

What I did wrong
– I should not take a cooking equipment with me, it’s weighty and I used it only few times. Local dishes are not so expensive and I should say it’s quite delicious.
– December is OK to trip, but November is preferable. You can’t swim in the sea on Dec (actually I did it but once, and it was very fast swim).

Cyprus attractions

For this time I won’t say you about attractions, but only because I like to rouse the interest just a little bit.